Our Story

YOU CAN Activists, a programme of YOU CAN Foundation, was established in 2018. This was primarily based on the personal experience of its founder who faced exclusion from receiving the life-sustaining dialysis treatment from state healthcare. This was a direct threat to his Quality of Life and many other South Africans, mostly poor and most vulnerable.

This experiential learning further exposed to the lived realities of most young people who are living with disabilities. Some of these young people are born with some form of disability and some acquire disability due to diseases such as Kidney Disease or other circumstantial changes to their Quality of Life. Throughout the world, the advocacy and empowerment of such persons have not been prioritised. YOU CAN strives to ensure interventions that empower beneficiaries to improve their Standard of Living in a sustainable way.

It is also our imperative call to ensure that train and develop communities on preventative habits to ensure that they have a good Quality of Life; free from preventable diseases. It is only through such that people could be able to be active participants in economy thus improving their Standards of Living – eradicating poverty.